Can your business afford to suffer a cyber-attack

A recent report showed that the world economy now loses more than £740 billion every year to cybercriminals. That is an increase of 50% on figures reported just three years ago.

The kind of cyberattacks affecting local businesses include:

  1. Phishing attacks: Where a criminal sends an email pretending to be someone else. Often this is an attempt to steal money, such as sending a real invoice with altered bank details. But much worse they could steal your companies data.
  2. Spoofing: A fake website designed to look like a real one. They want you to enter your username, password and your card details.
  3. Ransomware: Where your business files are encrypted until a ransom is paid to recover them.
  4. Malware: Malicious software that does damage to your entire system.

The problem,

We have been warning our clients for years that it only takes one person, to click on one link from one bad email - and damage can be done. It really is that easy. And with so many businesses in the Midlands likely to be affected in 2021, business leaders should check their levels of protection right now.

So, we have a solution.

We are offering all businesses, whether you are a customer of Crusade Computer Solutions or not a free 14-day trial of our Phishing Simulation and Dark web monitoring. 

Crusade will produce a series of simulation emails to send to your staff, to find out whether they know the difference between a genuine email and a cyber-crime attack. At the end of the 14-day trial, we will then provide you with a report on our findings.

If you would be interested in receiving a free cyber-security audit and a 14-day free trial of our phishing simulation, please fill in the form below. If you have any further questions please call us on 01543 448 702.


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Our Customers Say...

Andy & Chris have supported my IT needs for a good many years now. I have a small HR Consultancy team and we are heavily reliant on IT. Any IT downtime is revenue lost for us as we cannot be responsive to our clients. I am confident in the systems Crusade recommend for us and I know I can rely on Andy / Chris whenever I need them. Important to me too is that they are not pushy about selling products / services I really don’t need. They have seen my business grow and I feel they have always advised me and supported me well.

- Tara Warner, Warner Consultancy Ltd

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I Want To Chat To A Professional About Your Services

I know that when we have an IT issue that Crusade will be there to help. They always persevere until they resolve the issue and if they cannot they will always offer alternatives.

- Jeanette Bellis, Financial Director